Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The politics of the financial crisis

It seems that McCain is swooping in and saving the day. How wonderfully presidential. McCain has postponed his campaign and says he won't debate on Friday - the first time a debate will have been canceled since TV debates began - because the economic crisis is too serious. Instead, his campaign has suggested that Obama and McCain debate the day the VP candidates were supposed to face off. Biden and Palin will then have their debate, y'know, whenever.

I don't want to be a cynic all of the time but this is truly a load of horlicks if I ever saw it. McCain, who is not a member of any finance committee now suddenly wants to show up to help out, and this behavior is not influenced in any way by the new polls or by the fact that Obama is finally opening his war-chest and outspending McCain in the ad-market?

Also, I find it pretty hard to believe that the McCain camp were not trying to find any excuse not to have to have Palin have to respond to questions, if this performance is any indicator of what she might be like in the debate. Bear in mind this is only the third time she has taken questions since declaring her candidency.


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